We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

Tossing Sheep

its not just about the tossing sheep.

Dunno bout just dat internets junk.
We are kinda sketch for that shiny brave new world.
We are an artists colony. Fulla leaders, writers, artists, performers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders,speakers,
And a few tomfoolery loving sheeptossers. We often chatter on the twitters, let our hair down on the super secret fb group,a few of us share on g+& tumblr.
But that’s just the digital side. Our real value is irl. Doing.the.work. Together.
And then, there’s the events. There’s ALWAYS events, some small, like sexy taco night; others massive, like bovinova. Wsj sent a reporter for that one. And our recent sausage fest was chair burning epic. Really. Spermandegg idea party was knew fun, too.

Mr. bandicoot said it most elegantly.
Its not the glass. Its the clink of the glass.

When we’re together, its like being on the wagon with Gandalf.
Discuss? But I doubt it’s right for you, so shiny and polite and all.
I guess ya can see and interact with THIS page. Not that you would.

Of COURSE the link is borked. Come on, how easy should this be?!

There are many others. That are private- Invitation.only. Want in? Thats un.likely.
Don’t hate. Instigate.