We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

This Sounds Expensive. It’s Probably Not For You.

This Sounds Expensive. It’s Probably Not For You.

Some look for cheap,fast,and easy. This may not be a good place for you, if that’s your goal. We work towards creating intimate, authentic,and unexpected. With things that’ll be treasured. Not a bums rush, a slow and languid relationship. Some of our clients have been clients twenty years. We’re not like the fly by night trunk slammers. We’ll be around, if ya wants us to be.


What we WON’T do.

Lie. Cheat. Steal. Give crapassery for advice. Steer you towards a product or program cause it’s easy money for us and worked in the past for other clients. Give you a DIY search engine that’ll take you down the rabbit hole of tomfoolery that 99.44% of other swagmongers want you to use first, cause that’s easy. Take orders without understanding. Treat you like a profit center.

What we WILL do.

Underpromise, over deliver, treat you like family- like a blood brother if thats what you need. be great stewards of your time, attention, opportunities, and currency. Give great advice,even when it hurts. Even if it’s not in out best economic interests.Sometimes, our advice is gonna be buy nothing, or dig deeper for your story. Often our advice is gonna be a cornucopia of questions, and only after struggling through the answers can we give good advice. See rule #9.

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