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I Want You To Hit Me. As Hard As You Can.

I Want You To Hit Me. As Hard As You Can.


swagclub manifesto manifesto-questions,questions,questions!


What are we trying to accomplish?Who are our audiences for this piece? Who do we want to connect with?How is what we’re trying to accomplish relevant to our audiences?What do we want our audiences to do? What does the project look like? How can we make this interesting? (Or why should people care?)What are the competitors accomplishing that we’re not?What are past successes; what is currently working?What is the message of the piece?What is the tone of the piece?How will we launch it? What are the communications mechanisms?What’s our timeframe?What’s the budget?How will we measure success? (*The big one. The mother ship question.*) The important thing is to ENGAGE THE CLIENT IN THE PROCESS. They, as you know, have the most insights about what you’re trying to accomplish with any product, good service, or initiative.


Shamelessly stolen from tmsr, who eats like a field hand when preggers.

She also loathes the #kooziemongeringcorporateassclowndouchcanoehashtagjackercatalogcarpetbombingtrunkslammercreepystalkerguys.


But always the lady. Always.