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Wanna sponsor some koozies for our event?

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Tribes | 1 comment

No. No we don’t.
And, as a matter of fact, although I recognize cash is king. Theres no cash coming, either.

Cash is king. But he’d be forgotten before the check clears. IF the check clears.

You want us to support your wangdangdoodle? Throw up a table of trinkets and trash?


I know our contemptuous haters and competitors have sent you koozies, stress balls and cash. Then they don’t even show up. But they did send a box of koozie of the day, festooned with their logo.

Nice. Checkbook evangelism.
Koozie evangelism.

xxxx. That.
~~cursing redacted~~


That’s not our style.
‘Wanna sponsor some koozies for our event?’ You asked.
Heres how to get our help for your event-

Then throw one that matters to us.
Invite and incite us to play in your sandbox.

No. We’re NOT gonna sponsor some koozies for your event.

But we might or might not come in hot. Chock fulla the intimate, authentic, and unexpected.
Locally made moonshine, quirky shot glasses, elegantly laser etched with the penultimate easter egg. Whips, explosives, incendiary devices, knives, and lightly bombed jingle bell nipple clamps.


I dare you to ask about koozies. That’s bush league.
We came to win.
To change the world.
To shock and awe. That’s how stories are told here.
Koozie free.

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Keeping it real.

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Tribes | Comments Off on Keeping it real.

First, a confession. I’ve been dining at trappe door in downtown greenville since the week it opened.

And I love it, especially on a cold, rainy, drafty, dreary day. The defiantly belgian beer,food, and atmosphere is a diamond in the sea of bud light lime buckets & chicken wing buffets.

Personally, I like the little nook with some sofas, a giant rough hewn table, and a stack of my childhood favorite cartoons.

Half a dozen graphic novels, sorta kinda, are nearly stacked. Tintin, boy reporter & detective. From a writer named Herge who was published in dozens of languages.
But he came from belgium.

Imagine my surprise to see Tintin again in the mens room. Several framed prints- oversized.


But look closer- it first appears to be wall paper.

Its the real deal.


Handmade from Tintin cartoons.

I doubt you’d work that hard on creating an authentic experience. Dunno if I would either.


It isn’t wallpaper. Hand. Made.

Tintin. Hes authentically the guy.

Worth the effort? Yep.

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My favourite things.

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Tribes | Comments Off on My favourite things.

I don’t riff much about it, and that’s intentional. This caper is a hyper focused group inside the instigators, we misnamed it the dirty dozen. Not because they aren’t dirty-most are. But its slightly more than a dozen.

And it’s prolly the most uncomfortable piece of work I’ve ever attempted.

We’re actively trying to inspire some graduate level tribe building. Boots on the ground- elbow to elbow. I’m honoured that many of their tribes overlap into ours, and that many of their leadership challenges are same or similar to ours.


This dirty dozen tribe leaders inspire and discomfort me damn near daily. And that abides.

I hope your kooziemonger spends as much time obsessing over your issues, walking in your shoes, dreaming bigger dreams for you.

But I kinda doubt that.

Got tribe? Praps you do.

Your call.

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