We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

ITYKWIM #nsfw!

its not a foreign language. its a work in progress, like me. like you.
but this MIGHT help ya decode some of the fiddly bits.
or not.
ps- #nsfw! i was in the navy,so just skip these if you are easily offended.

* #AAFGVL – american advertising federation, greenville – a little tribe I love
* acp – anonymous crotch photo (ie: Anthony Weiner, though not so anonymous now.)
* aka – also known as
* apoe or a.p.o.e.–attention people of earth!
* ASI – advertising speciality institute. our governing body. typically a bunch of koozie mongers and no talent hacks. oh wait, did I repeat myself?
* asitwsj- as seen in the wall street journal. like, #bovinova
* bcbc – brown chicka brown cow. sounds like music to my ears.
* bfe – bumblefeckeast-. off the grid, in the boonies
* BMA Carolinas – another little tribe I love, based in cnc, but reaches gsp
* BMW – bavarian motor works. member#1. really? yes. really.
* BOF – brains on fire. ideators of the whole tribe thingy. they get it. and they get paid to get it.
* bohica- bend over, here it comes again.
* #bovinova- we roasted a cow, and were still friends afterwards.
* BP! – Bitch please!
* ctoyc- carve that on your cheese
* CNC – charlotte,nc
* cnpfc- clearly not pregnant french chick
* dbiat – ( . Y . ) – dimpled booty in a thong
* DSS – department of social services. soon to be keepers of the lil popkin kids, another damn little tribe I love
* ep – erwin penland.member #149
* FET – Frog.eating.time doing a behavior I dont wanna do, typically related to #project180
* fml- feck my life,
* foaf–friend of a friend
* funch- NOT a ‘fun lunch’ as I had thoght. its much naughtier- http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=funch&defid=308216
* FYK – found your koozie. note – This is very much like finding camelot..
* GSATC – greevillle spartanburg anderson technology council. our founder, tenacious #148 prof dr yanov’s little tribe I love
* gsp – gvlle/spartanburg
* hph- hair pullin hair
* hk-15 – hunter kamran, my mini me and marinade maker. member#14.9
* htty – hell to the yes. (also mean “hat tip to you” among the non-instigator crowd)
* ikat – a) i need a translator OR i need a translation (primarily for use by the newly initiated, but may be utilized by veterans perplexed by KP’s cryptological brilliance) b) like an iphone, but not.
* isc – I stand corrected, aka ooops
* isyn – i shit you not
* iwcab – i.will.cut.a.bitch.
* jct-12 – jacob campbell todd. my popkinator, member #74
* jsyk – just so you know
* ke-8 – my sugarmouse member #1.5
* kkmf – knock knock, mofos. you either get this, or you don’t.
* kmn- kill me now
* lessok- a sandler behavior, to not be too cool for school
* lmc – lisa marie corley,instigator #11. she led the now famous ‘intervention”
* mil- mother in law.
* mmj – my morning jacket. a scrappy little jam band
* NBT – Next.Big.Thing.
* ns- naughty sexxy
* nsaa – not sketch at all. mostly used in a sarcastic manner. really, really sketch.
* oap- only as professor?
* oooops! pearls clutched.
* Pfm technology. Pure freaking magic
* #Project180 – duchess wants a skinny man, ideally 180 lbs. I gotta get there, or I may NOT be the man.
* ptm – praise the maker or pass the makers
* qod – quote of the day
* Raymond K. Hessel- an odd little story inside a story- Watch, or better yet, READ, fight club. Then go follow your bliss.
* rfn – right fecking now
* rpfc- recently pregnant french chick
* rtfo – rock the feck on
* @SCPRSA – south carolina public relations society of america – another little tribe I love
* sf!— ~shaky fist!~~~
* SIFAD – Skyrockets in flight. Afternoon. DELIGHT.
* siky – silence, I kill you! a little bit by jeff dunham. with a dead terrorist (Acccccccchmed)
* smdh – shakes my damn head
* snm=Say no more
* sscl – super secret club leader
* sssclw-super secret sassy club leader’s wifey
* sss – sorry so sketch
* stfb – stand.the.feck.by
* ta5 – tech, after 5. um, a beer drinking little tribe I love
* tc – tom.cruise
* tcfw- too cute for words. like, as in the pnultimate christmas card that our gentleman anarchist #46 drew for us.two years in a row.
* THIR: That’s how I roll
* tiifwss – that is in fact, what she said
* TWG…..tragically.white.guy—
* twhs – that’s what he said
* twss – that’s what she said
* vzw – verizon wireless, member#149
* wyh-watch your hole
* ykw – you know who/why
* ykwim – you.know.what.i.mean


1. it’s not for everybody.
2. if you like that sorta thing
3. if it makes sense.
4. sounds expensive