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Yes, dolly the llama

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In about a month, there shall be a proper length of sheeptossing. Llama grilling. Paella making. Raising money for wounded warriors.
19may, unless it rains. Again. Then its 26may.

I doubt you’d like it. You’d prolly rather play golf with your fancy friends.
But theres been talk. Last year wsj showed up, this year its even bigger. Whatever.

We’d love to have you with us, sitting around our campfire. If you like that kinda thing.
Our tribe does.


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Are your vips really that? Really treated as very.important.people?


Its really not that hard, is it? To treat your tribe as if you actually cared.

Treated as you would wanna be treated?
I obsess about you, and how you are treated. About how you are treating your tribe.

Izzit authentic?
Or, more likely,izzit just phoned in?

Something in a catalog- overstocked, closeout stuff.

You deserve better.
They deserve better.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

It does have to be intentional.
Did I mention wounded warriors? Thats the real story behind the bovinova thing. We are trying to raise some money for something we believe in.
Our veterans.

ps. I’m having some strange (and self inflicted) photo issues, please be patient. #Lessok

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Things our grandfathers would recognize.

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My grandfather loved boats. He sailed boats, served in the navy in WWII, owned boats, and even ashore, he dreamed of boats. My earliest memories of him involved us on the water. Silently catching the wind, tacking sail when it made sense. He retired at a scandalously young age and relocated to coastal florida. As to be able to be on the water year round.

A pipe,a jaunty hat,a well told story,a loved and worn book. Sharpened knife, comfortable shoes, weatherproof jacket.
Lunch of hearty bread, rugged cheese, bottle of ale, and praps a bit of boat grilled fish if we were lucky.
Simple pleasures.
Thats the kinda trappings he was at home with.

It’s easy, and tempting, to get caught up in the gee whiz wang doodles of this modern age. So many NEW AND IMPROVED tomfoolery is now available.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re anything but luddites. Yet theres a timeless elegance to telling stories via swag that take no first world explanation. Things that damn well might outlive us. We don’t sell spaceships, we sell ships. Ships, worthy of a proper stealing. For stories worthy of telling.

Like yours.

He built this piece of glass ashore, as he dreamed of the sea. We built the railroad spike. Dreaming of trains. Neither requires further explanation. Their art speaks for itself.

Its unlikely your story would be well told via a railroad spike. But theirs is, they’re a railroad company.

Whats gonna be your railroad spike? Its unlikely to be on page 23 of a sale and closeout catalog. Our catalog is intentionally blank, unlike our competitor’s. We feel theres nothing in a catalog as good as the stories we can help you tease out. Your story. It deserves telling well.

Dreaming of boats, dreaming of railroads.


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The start of it.

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Kinda doubt you ever wondered how this party started. But I remember it as if it were yesterday. I touched a thingy, in an obscure antique shop near fort collins. And I heard angels sing.
Didn’t own a bmw, didn’t even have a credit card. Or much of a calling, honestly. Just a recently married kid with a beautiful wife. Touching a thingy.
An elegant leather piece, from a bmw dealership. A key holder from another time. Dunno what that dealer-client relationship was back then. But I remember how I envisioned it.

A deal sealed with a handshake.
Gentlemen of adventure, sporting men.
Praps even ladies were involved, but I doubt it. It was a different time.

In the same photo is also a journal. Another start.

The start of me taking the next step, as a storyteller. A gift from our instigator #11, lisa marie corley.
It was she who suggested I get into swag, and outta print.



She had no idea what she started. Both with that journal, AND with that idea.

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No button? No hat.

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Clemson had a problem. No, strike that.
An opportunity. And I’m kinda biased.


They wanted to own an event, a place full of potential clients. They wanted to help their clients self identify, to turn themselves in. And, ideally, to fly the flag.
To help others turn themselves in, too.
Didn’t want it to be too easy though, education requires a level of  commitment.
Didn’t want it to be TOO hard.
So we came up with an idea.

‘No button, no hat.’
Don’t ask why, I know it’s weird. It made us all laugh, thats enough sometimes.


The location? A beach.
So the client wanted beach theme.
Like beach hats.


And beach appeal.


Music. Beverages. Photos, live streaming from the event.
It was a tiki bar. And you had to have a button to get a hat.
They fought over buttons. We nearly ran out of hats.
And the people of interest? They turned themselves in. Most brought a friend.


News flash!
Of course we do hats. And buttons. And the spiffy lanyards.  And signage. And design.
That doesn’t make an event special.

It was the interplay among all elements. The execution.
The crowd.
The interaction.
The fun (and business) was in the interactions, and I’m sure glad I was one of the boots on the ground to be part of the conversation.
Yeah, I went, set up the bar, and helped work the crowd. Learned more about #shrm than a body had a right to know. Learned more about our client, too.
No, I’m not offering to man YOUR both, but I do try to walk in your shoes. To see what really hurts, and what winning really looks like.

We don’t want you, alone on the beach. We got your back.


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View to a kill

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Cue the soundtrack. Its on. 19 may, unless it rains again. If so, 26may. Boviniva2.0- a barn yard burn. It’s gonna have a #meatmarket of an art exhibit, touch wood, the highly acclaimed dockside band, all night long tomfoolery, and praps a fire breathing knife tossing acrobat. With blue dreadlocks.
And maybe even the wsj will embed. Again.
You’re prolly busy that weekend.
Your. Loss.
Sheep will be tossed. And roasted. Again.


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