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hear what some nice people said about old swaggy and our motley crew.

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Promo Kitchen

in which some smart kids riff. About. That thing we do.

yeah, they are fellow swag people, but much less bad than our hated #kooziemongeringcorporateassclowndouchcanoe-hashtagjackercatalogcarpetbombingtrunkslammercreepystalkerguys.



Speaking of which, our trade pub did a delightful little write up, but itll prolly just piss you off-

ppai? It’s unlikely you saw it. Can’t say that ya missed anything.

Promotional Products Business


FETE did a thingy, but I cried like a little girl, so please skip THAT piece of melodrama.


Oh, yeah, we roasted a cow. six sheep. and a goat. and the damn Wall Street Journal sent a boy to cover it.
well, it was a girl, but that seems demeaning somehow. or just weird, that a girl would be into cooking whole animals. but its kida empowering,too. ok. wsj sent a girl.
think they sent a boy to yer 9 hole,par 3,best ball crapass golf tourney?

Dallas BBQ said





You get the idea. Or do you?

Praps – praps you need a proper length of client testimonials.

Try these-Most vendors will ask me what I want, show me their catalog and make the order. Not Swagclub! They make me think about why I want something and what the best strategy is for building relationships. Instead of buying cheap useless junk, I have found myself investing more money than I planned on real value which has helped me to reach my goals. It seems counterintuitive in sales, but Kamran slows me down and makes sure that what I present is perfect.

Jeffrey W. Alfonso
Alfonso Interpreting & Transporting, Inc.


Throughout all the years I’ve known and worked with Kamran Popkin, which are far too many to mention in polite company, he has consistently ruined other vendors for me. Nobody approaches opportunities to provide solutions and service with the same creativity and zeal as Kamran and he truly understands what is important in client relationships: the client. If you want off-the-shelf, thoughtless, and cheap then perhaps bulk ordering from pleaseletmeunderwhelmmyclients.com is right for you. But if you want unforgettable, and some fun along the way, then it’s time to join the club… Swag Club!”  – Gareth Moore,Vice President of Human Resources,Jarden Process Solutions


I got this kinda vibe from one of Kamran’s competitors…..’I’ve been in this business 16 more years than Kamran. I’m an authority and he’s an anarchist. I’m more stable than Kamran is. Kamran is crazy. (His name is even spelled like a komunist.) Be loyal to me. I’ll give you a free shirt  (not a commission) if you bring me a customer. Kamran gives away stuff for free just because he likes you. See how crazy (and komunist) that is? So go out there and bring me a customer. I won’t  bring you the shirt, you’ll need to order it yourself online. I don’t talk to people. I’m stable. Oh, also, do you need to order anything for yourself? Let me know if you do. But go get me a customer.’ Kamran doesn’t have customers. He has clients.He has friends.He has me. Chris BrantleyCreative DirectorThe Creative EdgeSpartanburg


Here are my takeaways from Kamran

Either wow or go home.Make it personal.Be persistent.Be relevant.Be bold.Make people feel like a million bucks.Show people that you care.Go analog.If the devil is in the details, that’s where you need to be.Sometimes, it isn’t about the what. It’s about the how.
You know how we like to talk about best practices? You don’t really have to look much further than this.
Guess where I’ll be going for all of my swag needs from now on?
Olivier Blanchard
The Brand Builder

We could all learn something from ‘the Kamran way’.
Here’s what I mean:
1. Find out what your customers like. Not just what they like business-wise, what they like on a personal level.2. Look for chances to say thanks. Even a little note goes a long way!3. Keep your ears open. What are your clients talking about? How can you show you’re paying attention to them personally as well as professionally.4. Keep your eyes open too. Think about the mouse pad. It’s handy and Kamran’s info is emblazoned on it. What could you give your customers that would meet a need and keep you in front of them? I’m sure Kamran would have some great ideas!
Take the time to build relationships as you work, not JUST a service. Kamran is a great example of how you can make yourself valuable to your customers on a whole new level that will make you stand out from the crowd. I don’t love Kamran because he gives me things. I love Kamran because he’s my friend, because he treats me like a brother, because he cares. And because of these things, guess who I will ALWAYS go to when it’s time to buy swag!
Kamran is the quintessential example of what a sales professional should be. Innovative, creative, able to solve problems, on time, always learning and always willing to extend his hand to help. One of the things that most impresses me about Kamran is, when ever I find a new book on sales or marketing, Kamran has either read it or is in the process of reading it. He is always looking for ways to grow so he can better serve his customers. Helping his clients isn’t just a job to him, it’s a lifestyle.
Jim O’DonnellMarketing Director

“I have joked with Kamran that is the the “Greatest Printing Salesman in the World.” That is the truth even if he is now marketing promotional items. What makes Kamran so wonderful to work with is that he is an outstanding problem solver. Interestingly, Kamran is such a good project planner that few problems ever arise on jobs he is doing for me. However, as any experienced businessperson knows, problems are just part of the game we play. When they do arise, Kamran is so committed to solving them that I never worry about the outcome. I just leave it to him and he gets the job done. Kamran also has enormous personal and professional integrity… the guy is as fair in his negotiations as you will ever find and he just gushes with good business-building ideas. I recommend Kamran Popkin without any reservation.”
Brad MajorsMarketing Director
Greenville Tech
Client since 2001
“Kamran always follows up, he is a straight shooter and fun to talk to. He does what he says he is going to do.”
David Wolff
Owner, Wolff IndustiresSpartanburg
client since 1996

Never in my life have I met someone with such creative genius. Kamran not only gets his clients, he loves them! I am constantly impressed with the level of service and excellence Kamran brings to the table. As far as Swagclub, I find it hard to stick to rule #1-You don’t talk about Swagclub
Big Jon Evans
Social Media Barrista
There are few people who charm me the way Kamran Popkin does. He’s got wit, energy, and a deep commitment to doing something absolutely brilliant. Better yet, he makes me laugh while challenging the same old way I’ve been doing things. When working with Kamran, I thought I was buying pens.  What I actually received were great ideas for making the GSA Technology Council a better place to connect with other professionals… and some cool pens.

— — —– ——- ———– ————-Phil YanovGSATC.org



….I’ve known Kamran for over 20 years; he and I used to work together in college at a small country club.  His madcap-ness, over-the-top-edness, and insanity were legendary; in short, the members and employees alike loved him.  And, to be certain, the type of joie-de-vivre that he displayed is empty…unless underneath lies a person with an unshakable work ethic, unquestionable integrity and a good-old-fashioned kind heart.  Kamran had all those things.  A number of years passed before our paths crossed again, and this time in a professional context.  It’s heartening to see that he hasn’t changed a bit.  His amazing enthusiasm for life still overflows into everything he does…whether that’s as a Sunday school teacher, a husband, a father, or a swag peddler par-excellence.  Kamran is 33% US Navy, 33% “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, 33% Saturday Night Live and 1% Unclassifiable.

Doug ElserAtlantaMarketing ServicesFiserve

“I am always amazed at the new and clever ideas that Kamran comes up with.  He has turned me from a giver of swag into one who receives a return on my investment by giving elegant and memorable things.  Anyone who uses swag to promote their business should talk with Kamran.  I also know that I just violated the first rule of Swagclub so I won’t go any further.” Russ Davis
Sandler Training, Sensei
“Kamran is my ‘go-to-guy’ for all things Swag! If I need some pens… he’s the man; If I need some cups… he’s the man; If I need 4” tall custom-sculpted statues of a particular tire mascot… he’s the man! On-time and on-call all I can say is Encore!Jamie DemumbreumGreer            and from the girls– You know that thing that’s so hard to define, but is often referred to as “it.” That “it” that is said “you either got, or you don’t.” Kamran’s more than got it. Kamran is it.He’s not just smart. He’s intuitive. He knows what you need to promote your brand better than you do. Because he pays attention? Yes. And listens! He’s not all talk like most promotional peddlers (though who wouldn’t want to hear more of his Ira Glass-hour smoothness once Kamran starts saucing his swag!).  CAJEasley


I say that b/c I had no flippin idea what I was doing opening my own space, other than I loved being a therapist and wanted others to know how much I loved it, and how dedicated I could be to the kids they care about –he really gave me a confidence that I could offer just as much as dr. therapy down the street, or big hospital up the road.  And everybody knows a good attitude’s contagious!

Sally LloydMoore



Kamran Popkin is one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I know. He doesn’t do swag because he’s asked to or because that’s all he knows. He does swag because that’s what he does best… and every single project accomplishes a goal, and I love that.

Melea Mauldin prsa, model,Jackson Marketing GroupGreenville


Kam is the coolest. No one will work harder for you or find the perfect swag like Kam can.

”Tina ZwolinskiPartnerWoodward & Zwolinski AdvertisingGreer


Kamran is the best promotional associate a client could ever ask for, whatever the dream he can make it happen…I’m never at a loss for ideas with him at my side.  He is always upfront and honest about the ideas I throw at him.

Lisa HobbsMarketing ManagerRoebuck Builders


I became Kamran’s client after first knowing him as a friend because he is loyal, always makes me laugh, and I know he will take care of any marketing need as quickly as he can! I have a relationship with Kamran like no other client-vendor relationship I have ever experienced.  He’s loyal to a tee, always gets me what I need ASAP, and keeps me laughing all the time. Kamran is undoubtedly one of the most creative, fun-loving, high-energy people I’ve ever met.  Those characteristics shine through in his work and client relationships. Kamran’s energy and the care he takes in his client relationships are fully reflected in the work he does.  I value our relationship immensely! When I need a project done, there was no one else I considered other than Kamran.  Where there’s creativity and customer loyalty, you know you will get the best! Working with Kamran is like being at the playground – you can play and know someone in charge will take care of you! Kamran has the maturity of one who has lived many, many years…but the creativity of a child! When you want to stand apart from the crowd, the mere name “SwagClub” tells you you’re in the right hands
Logan StewartBrett PRGreenville


There’s creativity. Then there’s Kamran. If you want it, he can get it. If you need it, he will find it. If you have no idea what to do or how much to spend or even who the audience is, he will fill you in.Yes, he’s that good. Don’t believe me? Try him. Join Swag Club today. You won’t regret itKamran is capable of bringing trust to one’s journey.  He is unstoppable because he has the right mental attitude – and it catches!JoojGreer
Swag dude extraordinaire. He’s insanely entertaining, doesNOT like to talk shop during lunch, and is great at creative solutions toconnect with clientele. Fun excuse to do a long lunch downtown on someoneelse’s tab. 🙂
Greenville Hospital System

“Kamran is one of those rare people that exists in today’s fast-paced, get the job done environment. He listens and offers the best solution for the challenge you are facing. All work is done in a timely matter and done with passion.”

Patty MontgomeryGHS


“I followed Kamran from one company to another, because I always know he will work hard to give me the best product possible. Even when there are hiccups beyond his control, he does his best to fix the issues behind the scenes without me ever knowing. With a new picture of his family always in hand and a great bow tie, Kamran is a welcome breath of life with each client visit.”
Emily Kircus AllenGreenville
Kamran makes you feel like you are his only client.No one has a better attitude and positive presence.No one will take better care of you and your project.No job is too small.One of the most creative people I have ever met.Robin B. Blackwood,
Senior Account Manager
client since 1997

“Kamran brings such character to the normally-mundane world of promo items. No job is too small for his passion for branding.”Emily Kosa
Account Services

‘SWAGCLUB has was it takes to put my business in the SWING of thingsKamran gets today’s marketing- out of box but effective!’Amanda Dow
Director of Community Relations
Cannon Memorial Hospital

Kamran Popkin brings dynamic energy to every assignment. His creativity abounds delivering sound ideas to his clients. He matches each budget with a cost effective and meaningful solution. Kamran Popkin and the Swag Club meet marketing challenges head-on and deliver ideas that are spot-on.  Kristie ByrumPresidentByrum Innovations GroupGreenville  client since 1995
Here are the adjectives that come to mind when thinking of Kamran:   authentic, creative, delightful, appreciative, artsy, unconventional Kim Fleming
HR Director
Smith Drugs


“Kamran possesses all the traits you’d want in someone who provides insights for your business and creates end results. He’s smart, competent, creative, hard-working, loyal, energetic, knows a lot of folks, and always has your best interests in mind. What makes him unique is he engages you in his process. Kamran turns mundane business projects into adventurous steps that lead to a finished product built off excellence, spirit and collaborative effort. He actually listens to what your needs are, tries to learn about your business, derives the pearls from within it, offers up advice and strategy you didn’t ask for, and then applies that cumulative whole in an effort to deliver something that pleases him, you, your team and your target audiences. Importantly, if he doesn’t earn a project “huzzah!” at the end of any given day, he gladly welcomes a clean slate and a challenge.” Tara RowlandCommunications SpecialistMMPAtlanta

“You get a whole lot more than promotional products when you work with Kamran. You get brilliant ideas and the ability to make your clients say ‘WOW!'”
Laura MacPhersonNorthstar Creative