We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

Some of my favourite things.

Some of my favourite things.

“Hey swag,what’s the hot new thing!”

I hear it daily.
Honest answer- nothing.

And everything.
This much is clear to me,after five christmases in open revolt of the rampant swag malpractice- theres no silver bullet.


What matters is tea. More accurately,a beverage that warms the recipients heart. Tea,when you dream of tea. Lightly honeyed. Clean ceramic mug. Lively conversation,comfy chair.

What matters in swag is what matters in life- meeting your intended where they are.



Like the smile of a dog.



Like sharing something of yourself. Something you think they’ll like. And find useful.


Useful for their revolution.

Not shilling. Not ‘buy our stuff’,but ‘lemme help you with that load. Lemme hand you a hammer to toss. Another one.



Jinglebell nippleclamps. Or thinking putty. Whatever works for ya.

What. Ever. Works. For them.

Rick warren was right,in purpose driven life. Its not about you.

Its about them.

Looking for easy answers? We’re not those guys.

Looking for what matters? For #swagworthstealing?

Then lets have tea. Or soup. Or makers.

Whatever suits you.


We’ll prolly ask about your penguin. Mine is lemule.

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