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On satchels. | Swagclub

We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

On satchels.

On satchels.


  I damn love em. Indiana jones had em. He packed a Whipp. I do,too. Plus knives, swords, Jingle bell nipple clamps, a grappling hook, duct tape in several width, strength,and color profiles, explosives,liquor,et al.

Ad infinitum.

Here’s my most recent.


Looks like it belongs to a degenerate school boy. Doodling. Dreaming. Cause I kinda am.

Wait. Satchel? Puzzled?

Itsa book,innit?  

No. No it’s not.


It’s a satchel.

Really Like this one,too. Feels military,but subversively so.


That guy thats so overt he’s covert. The flair and bombs is the catch-22 tip to corporal klinger. Kind of a shitbird.   Not in drag, but clearly bucking the system. Like a flower in a gun barrel. Or a peace sign on a bomb.

Thats our style.

Love the fancypants elegant,aerodynamic,sleek,&efficient little box.


A gift from the tribe for my unbirthday. Sometimes it’s appropriate to bring to a meeting. Other times it causes a panic. Oooops.


They’re in security lockdown again!

This was a utilitarian piece, something to take to churchcamp.


And a pean to #bovinova.  In which, we roasted a whole cow. Six sheep. And a goat. You’ve seen the article in the Wall Street journal. And the episode of man, fire, and food. That time we also roasted a llama.


This is a great one, really useful. And graceful.


A secretary, to hold the trappings from a different time. Stamps,seals,correspondance equipment. Trappings from a more elegant age. When you had more than 140 characters to get their attention. And a second envelope protected the fiddly bits in the first envelope.

The ikea bag.


Part of our instigator onboarding kit.
Just. Part.

Vomit resistant, not vomit proof, as #15 can well attest. But she holds her hair like a lady when she vomits.   So, there’s that.

Dr. Bag.


Oh yeah, one of my all time faves. Feels like ima doctor. People treat you differently when you’re in a suit. People treat you even MORE differently when you’re in a dark suit AND sporting a leather doctors bag. Doors are held open. Crowds part. Is the a doctor in the house? Yes.

Yes there is.
Relax, this will only hurt a moment.

Theres another piece of work coming soon- when the sample arrived, we all gasped. She feels MUCH more expensive than it is. Its something that I would be proud to own, and even prouder to give someone. Photos coming soon.


Good things take time. Dunno what’s next, but I bet it’s not a damned two dollar cinch bag. Not to transport your #swagworthstealing. Your story deserves better. 

So do you.

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