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Seneca cranes beard!

Seneca cranes beard!

When we riff about tribes, its often wayyyyyy too easy to overlook an important component.
The sheer tomfoolery of it. The fun factor.
The suits, the douche canoes, typically overlook fun. And quirky.

Praps the most successful movie of this year will be the hunger games. And they nailed it. They started with a great series of books did a masterful job with the social media components, made a soundtrack, movie, and laid the tracks for a great sequel.
And they made it fun. They made elements of the story such exaggerations that even in vapid & evil positions, they were fun.
This photo is from opening night, midnight, effie trinkett, the vacuous bureaucrat who shouts ‘ that is MAHOGANY!’
Shes portrayed here by one of the most elegant and dignified woman in town. Because it was fun.

Having fun yet with your koozies? The glad handers? The mongers of crapassery?

Un. Likely.


Turn yourself in. I volunteer as tribute. We will fight them to the death.

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