We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

My favourite things.

My favourite things.

I don’t riff much about it, and that’s intentional. This caper is a hyper focused group inside the instigators, we misnamed it the dirty dozen. Not because they aren’t dirty-most are. But its slightly more than a dozen.

And it’s prolly the most uncomfortable piece of work I’ve ever attempted.

We’re actively trying to inspire some graduate level tribe building. Boots on the ground- elbow to elbow. I’m honoured that many of their tribes overlap into ours, and that many of their leadership challenges are same or similar to ours.


This dirty dozen tribe leaders inspire and discomfort me damn near daily. And that abides.

I hope your kooziemonger spends as much time obsessing over your issues, walking in your shoes, dreaming bigger dreams for you.

But I kinda doubt that.

Got tribe? Praps you do.

Your call.

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