We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

Keeping it real.

Keeping it real.

First, a confession. I’ve been dining at trappe door in downtown greenville since the week it opened.

And I love it, especially on a cold, rainy, drafty, dreary day. The defiantly belgian beer,food, and atmosphere is a diamond in the sea of bud light lime buckets & chicken wing buffets.

Personally, I like the little nook with some sofas, a giant rough hewn table, and a stack of my childhood favorite cartoons.

Half a dozen graphic novels, sorta kinda, are nearly stacked. Tintin, boy reporter & detective. From a writer named Herge who was published in dozens of languages.
But he came from belgium.

Imagine my surprise to see Tintin again in the mens room. Several framed prints- oversized.


But look closer- it first appears to be wall paper.

Its the real deal.


Handmade from Tintin cartoons.

I doubt you’d work that hard on creating an authentic experience. Dunno if I would either.


It isn’t wallpaper. Hand. Made.

Tintin. Hes authentically the guy.

Worth the effort? Yep.

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