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Swagclub | We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

We build swag. Swag worthy of stealing.

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Most Recent Articles

Button, button. Who’s got the button?

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in Tribes | Comments Off on Button, button. Who’s got the button?

I’d like to link this post to the flair conversation in the movie a Office Spaces. 
Because I like flair.

A lot.

So much that I share it.


Sometimes inappropriately. 

What’s Chuck wearing, exactly?

This. This little piece of flair. A button.


How meta was that? !
Whatever,  I yam what I yam.

Our love of flair runs deep.


That’s obvious.  But the roots of this caper aren’t.

It started with behavior.  Nudging a tribe into a behavior.


The concept was this-we wanted the attendees to pimp our client.  And to EARN a thingy.  A Beach hat.  To earn the hat, one had to wear the button.

No button, no hat.  Qed.


And yes, that’s a Tiki bar.

Don’t judge.
Yes, it worked.

Outta buttons, outta hats.  Tons of smiles and connections.

That’s what is driving this bus, helping tribes connect.  Self identifying, that’s what tribes like us do. 


Sometimes we talk about it.

Other times we just show it.


With a button.


Or two.

How tight is your tribe?  How tight could it be?


Reality check- if you suck, it’s unlikely we can help you. Until you’re ready to suck less.

But if you’re reading this, it’s likely you already do.  Ready to suck less.

Ready to stop being monkeys with footballs.


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Making a mark.

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Tribes | Comments Off on Making a mark.

Yes,  it may seem juvenile.  Or at least, excessively crafty.  But I love rubber Stamps.

Love em.

Got a metric shit ton of Em.


Some lame.


Some obscure.


Some generic.


Some awesome.


Some overly specific.


But most tell a story.

Ok. All tell a story.

A story that members of a tribe hopefully recognize. 


As theirs.

You. Your tribes.
Deserve to have your story told.

Your swag. Your events. Your digital footprints.

They can AND should all be a reflection of you. Not some generic, of the shelf, random close out crapassery.
“Your logo here!”



Your story is worthy of proper consideration. 
So, if you DO actually read, write, and lead tribes.


You should tell people.


That’s what I love about rubber Stamps.  If you’re going to actually keep calm.


Tell em.


That might explain why we ask so many questions. We’re crafty that way.

Asky that way.


We want it done right. 

Not easy.


It’s catching on.  In some tribes.


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On satchels.

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Tribes | Comments Off on On satchels.


  I damn love em. Indiana jones had em. He packed a Whipp. I do,too. Plus knives, swords, Jingle bell nipple clamps, a grappling hook, duct tape in several width, strength,and color profiles, explosives,liquor,et al.

Ad infinitum.

Here’s my most recent.


Looks like it belongs to a degenerate school boy. Doodling. Dreaming. Cause I kinda am.

Wait. Satchel? Puzzled?

Itsa book,innit?  

No. No it’s not.


It’s a satchel.

Really Like this one,too. Feels military,but subversively so.


That guy thats so overt he’s covert. The flair and bombs is the catch-22 tip to corporal klinger. Kind of a shitbird.   Not in drag, but clearly bucking the system. Like a flower in a gun barrel. Or a peace sign on a bomb.

Thats our style.

Love the fancypants elegant,aerodynamic,sleek,&efficient little box.


A gift from the tribe for my unbirthday. Sometimes it’s appropriate to bring to a meeting. Other times it causes a panic. Oooops.


They’re in security lockdown again!

This was a utilitarian piece, something to take to churchcamp.


And a pean to #bovinova.  In which, we roasted a whole cow. Six sheep. And a goat. You’ve seen the article in the Wall Street journal. And the episode of man, fire, and food. That time we also roasted a llama.


This is a great one, really useful. And graceful.


A secretary, to hold the trappings from a different time. Stamps,seals,correspondance equipment. Trappings from a more elegant age. When you had more than 140 characters to get their attention. And a second envelope protected the fiddly bits in the first envelope.

The ikea bag.


Part of our instigator onboarding kit.
Just. Part.

Vomit resistant, not vomit proof, as #15 can well attest. But she holds her hair like a lady when she vomits.   So, there’s that.

Dr. Bag.


Oh yeah, one of my all time faves. Feels like ima doctor. People treat you differently when you’re in a suit. People treat you even MORE differently when you’re in a dark suit AND sporting a leather doctors bag. Doors are held open. Crowds part. Is the a doctor in the house? Yes.

Yes there is.
Relax, this will only hurt a moment.

Theres another piece of work coming soon- when the sample arrived, we all gasped. She feels MUCH more expensive than it is. Its something that I would be proud to own, and even prouder to give someone. Photos coming soon.


Good things take time. Dunno what’s next, but I bet it’s not a damned two dollar cinch bag. Not to transport your #swagworthstealing. Your story deserves better. 

So do you.

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